On inclusivity

by Carmen on April 20, 2018 · 0 comments

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10 years. I have been *selling* goods under Closet Case Vintage for 10 years. I started collecting with the intention of selling 13 years ago, buying every interesting pre-1970’s piece I could find. I was picky. I wanted to specialize in plus-sized vintage but found it impossible to accumulate enough goods in that size in eras I deemed “vintage enough” to do so. I eventually starting shooting  goods for etsy and immediately started dealing with the opinions of clients, non-clients, creepy dudes, etc. on everything from what my models ate (or supposedly didn’t) to the cuteness of their bellybuttons (I shit you not) and the lack of larger-sized items and models in my specialty online shop. It was/is a weird sort of hate mail. Anyone who came to any physical location, from pop-ups to the brick & mortars, knew I carried every size in every era and the larger stuff flew out of those physical locations. Larger stuff sits on the internet. Smaller stuff sells like hot cakes on the internet. I am one person, my models are expensive, I sell small stuff on the internet and large stuff in person. I hope that what makes sense to me, business-wise, can make sense to you. And as always, if you are ever looking for a specific size or era of something, ask me if I have it. I probably do.

Inclusivity is important to me. I want, as I have always wanted, the branding of CCV to show the rainbow of different kinds and sizes of the humans who wear my goods. Some of my models, who have become my dear friends, have been wearing my rags for almost NINE YEARS (HAYYYY ASH AND LAURENNE WHAT UP BBS.) I hope to always have them back, as I hope to always bring in new models who will further represent you, me, them, they, us, every human.

With all of that said–I want to thank you for being here, watching, participating, showing up, purchasing from halfway around the world, commenting, liking, and supporting this crazy 10 years of fashion. I really appreciate you.



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